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10/21 (Mon) A Hole in His Memory-Competition “Love is the Perfect Crime” Press Conference

Love is the Perfect Crime

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CompetitionLove is the Perfect Crime” Press Conference
Mathieu Amalric (Actor)
Actor Mathieu Amalric describes the pair of directing brothers Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu as “a monster with two heads.”
He goes on to explain a bit about them and how they work. “It does help that there are two of them, because they’re like bears in the Pyrenees. They’re originally from the mountainous region. Jean-Marie, the older brother is very thoughtful and considerate of the actors. The younger brother, Arnaud, is very quiet. He doesn’t talk too much. He is more meticulous about the framework. And so I think it’s a very good cooperation that they have between them. Because details are important in filmmaking, they’re very good at organizing these details and working together. When a director works alone, he can go any way with his own ideas. But because there are two of them, you have one who is very practical, very detailed, the other one who is very good at summarizing or working on the framework. And he has more of a sense of the whole heartbeat of the film as a whole.”
They’ve cast Amalric, who’s also had a long career as a director, as the character of Marc in “Love is the Perfect Crime.” Marc’s a college professor with a proclivity of bedding his young female students. When one disappears, a strange mystery/love story unfolds across stunning snow-covered landscapes. Under the direction of the Larrieu brothers, Amalric embodies Marc.
He explains, “It’s not that the actors are over-pressured, but since there were two of them, they encourage you to bring your performance from a subconscious level and to bare all, become naked. And that can only be done because there are two of them. The same goes with women. The same goes with men. You are just sort of propelled to bare all, shed all, and just reveal everything.”
Love is the Perfect Crime

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He’s enthusiastic about working with the Larrieu, with whom he’s collaborated in several films.
He adds, “When working with them it’s very easy to depict and express the desire of a human being. A hedonistic expression is more possible with them. This is also because the Larrieu brothers are very good at depicting the human soul and body as part of the landscape.”
And it’s not only the body as landscape, but a deep probe into the intricacies and complexities of sexuality and love that the Larrieu brothers examine in “Love is the Perfect Crime.”
Amalric continues, “I really like spending my time with the Larrieu brothers. They shoot me as if I’m an actress – and I really like that. Their work is all about sexuality and sensuality. And that is a very difficult aspect of human beings to portray in everyday life.”
The story of “Love is the Perfect Crime” revolves around a man who is a killer, but doesn’t know it. He thinks he’s just a man looking for love. In his wake, though, he leaves a world of hurt.
As Amalric succinctly puts it, “The tragedy of the protagonist is that he has a hole in his memory.”
Love is the Perfect Crime
Love is the Perfect Crime

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